Jacky Newcomb

Thank you for your gorgeous cards!


Anne Firby

Loving working with the cards Hazel introduced my Wednesday group to them tonight and got them to tune in to their own card - heart - third eye - heart - then holding in front of them, then after that got them to do a reading for each other using the card that they had just tuned in to but swapping with their partner and it was fab they loved it. You could feel the love of the angels and the crystal devas in the room.



Absolutely wonderful cards, Hazel. The descriptions and content far exceed any other oracle cards I have. They are educational, spiritual and Angel inspired! Thank you! Keith Ward They are an amazing energy.



They can also be used for knocking your socks off in beautiful reverie!



Hi Hazel, I got my cards yesterday and such beautiful clear energy and clouds of pink emanating from them. Ajoite threw itself from the pack at me. Very interesting and resonated with where I am at right now. I noticed this crystal before and have been looking for some. Now I know I need to work with it now. I also now know I need to work with Azurite too for dream recall. The cards really resonate and work on so many levels. I think for newbie crystal/angel folk I like the explanation of the chakras and how they work and how angels interact with us. But as teachers it is important we explain properly. Thatís the difference. Much love and Light, Theresa .


Julie "Peachy" Turner

A few months ago my Victorian School Mistress Guide, advised it was time to change the way we worked with cards, and then came along the most intimate & divine cards, The Angelic Crystal Cards, by Hazel Raven. They are informative, beautiful and more importantly very detailed and accurate. In a healing demonstration the cards proved to be very powerful and the healing qualities that came from them immediately, and still feeling the benefits 7 days later. A Long overdue wait of 44 beautiful cards, suitable for every level from Novice to experienced. For Healing, Reading and Daily guidance. Thank You to Hazel Raven and her team for sharing the beautiful amazing Angelic Crystal Cards. Julie "Peachy" Turner xxxxxxx.



And, for bringing wonderful codes of beauty into our lives. I love using these cards ~ thank you Hazel .



I've just got mine! Lovely Hazel thank you very much. I drew some of my absolute favorite crystals on my first pick- lapis, Danburite and Moldavite. That's a potent combination!



Mine arrived this morning! I really love the sweet colors of the cards. I connected with the set as suggested in the introduction and they are so energetic! This is sublime, important work! Every success.



Hi Hazel Loving the cards, using them to balance my chakras and just meditating with the energy of one card. The energy in the cards is very potent it is so easy to link in. My experience has been that when working in a group on a course the experience is much stronger than when duplicating it by myself. But these cards have not been like that, they are stronger if anything. .



This is my story, to date (!) of your absolutely fabulous Angelic Crystal cards. I was sitting on Thursday very, very challenged with a current situation in my life. It IS a Biggie. I'd started off quite well from my Heart but, as the morning progressed, and I read different things, the Ego crept in and became way too strong. By midday I didn't know whether I was on my head or my heels! Gerry, my husband of 41 years+ (!), came in with the post. There was a package for me. I opened it and, of course, there were your fabulous cards. Well, what synchronicity! I started immediately to work with them, because I knew they held the answer. I set the Intent to clear them from any toxicity picked up on their journey. I invited them to become partners with me. I looked at each one and held them to my heart. I then called in my Angels and my Crystal Elemental Guardians, asked the question and away I went. Sure enough, with Ease and Grace didn't I get my Answer? I wonder why I wasn't surprised! I was then told to choose a second card. This I did and BINGO, another facet of the solution revealed to me!

The first card I chose was the Seraphinite. Interestingly, I'd brought a Seraphinite ball into our bedroom a couple of weeks ago and, its energy has been very strong. The second card was hemimorphite, again with such relevant information and brilliant affirmation.

Obviously, I need now to settle down and read all your information properly and move on with them in a disciplined way! But, they are SO 5th Dimension and going to the cellular level, they're amazing. I've ordered two more packs for very special people in my life.

So many blessings to you Hazel. Namaste, Bronach



I have received my cards today; they are amazing thank you so much..



My cards arrived today and I can't wait to make a start with them..



Your cards are great. I can see that they are very good teaching cards. The energy coming from them is astounding and guess not fully acquainted yet so as. Had the kyanite card three times within 24 hours. That told me hey. Interesting how poppy do da the girl cat has been present each time I have held them. Ptah boy cat not interested :( but loves the O.S. cards. I can see how the two sets can be combined with the crystals. Have felt my energy bodies before but kyanite yesterday was so strong. Felt like a ready brek kid with a glowing aura. So thank you. Brilliant. Honor you.



The Angelic Crystal Cards came yesterday and they are soooooo beautiful! Thank you so much! I had a lovely experience after consecrating them. I've been working with Hemimorphite and Barachiel this week on releasing old patterns after reading your article online, and when I cleansed and consecrated the deck and pulled the first card........t was Hemimorphite and Archangel Barachiel!!! Thank you so much for creating this gorgeous and powerful deck, Hazel .



Love your new cards - thank you. May they go out into the world and bless all that encounter their beauty. .



They'll be perfect for my angel and crystal work. Xxx much love.



Angelic Crystal cards are just fantastic. Thank you to you all I'm still taking it all on but looking forward to working with my new cards xxx.