Hazel Raven

Children of the Angels

Aura Essence Sprays.

by Hazel Raven


Five for the price of Four. £44.44

Deva, Sylph, Salamander, Mermaid, Fairy.

Children of the Angels Aura Essence Sprays

The elements are nature spirits who create balance and abundance. They can be subdivided into their elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether.

Earth – Fairy inner child essence helps us cultivate a positive relationship with plants, flowers, trees and crystals. It teaches us how to nourish ourselves and live in abundance as co-creators in balance and harmony with the earth.

Water – Mermaids, undines and water sprites are spirits who rule over the water and tend to be creatures that dwell in that realm. The water spirits teach us about adapting to our changing environment. They help us go with the flow of life.

Fire – Salamanders are fire spirits who guard the secrets of transformational energy and regeneration. Their creative use of fire demonstrates to us spiritual fortitude, which illuminates our path through life.

Air – Sylphs are spirits of the air; they transport our higher thoughts and prayers to the angels. Sylphs increase our intuition, clairsentience and communication skills – the power of thoughts – to bring lightness, flexibility, grace and freedom.

Ether – Deva (Sanskrit for ‘radiant being’). Devas are members of an order of angelic beings who serve the elemental forces of nature. They are highly evolved and work with humans as guardians of sacred sites, mountains and forests.

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Set One: the Classic Set
5 for the price of 4.

Set Two: the Definitive Set
10 for the price of 8.

Set Four: the Chakra set.
7 for the price of 5.

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