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Five Element



Earth - Fairy inner child essence helps us to cultivate a positive relationship with flowers, plants, trees, soil, rocks and crystals. It teaches us how to nourish ourselves and live in abundance as co-creators in balance and harmony with the earth. This means living responsibly with regard to all life on the Earth plane. The earth spirits' message is 'harmonize with, do not disrupt, nature'. We all know tampering with nature disrupts the harmonious flow of the weather and damages the environment. Living in harmony with the elemental forces, rather than combatting them, creates positive energy in our living and working environments. By focusing on the powerful earth energy that flows around us, through the earths ley or dragon lines we bring balance and harmony to every area of our lives.


2. WATER Mermaid by Hazel Raven

Mermaids, undines and water sprites are spirits who rule over the water and tend to the creatures that dwell within that realm. A vast part of the Earth is covered with water. Water spirits teach us to go with the flow. Water has many forms: just as ice, water and steam are all the same substance, they may appear different, but in truth they are all the same chemical composition, this is the hidden secret of the water element. So the water spirits have a lot to teach us about adapting to many different situations without losing our basic emotional stability and eternal joyful divine nature. Mermaid helps you access your deep subconscious, easing irrational fears and past trauma - this helps you to take the plunge into new projects. They will also aid your intuition and help you find your own 'sunken treasure' that may be buried beneath the 'waves of emotional turmoil'. Mermaid will help you balance the emotional aspect of your nature bringing an atmosphere of harmonious fluidity which is soothing, cleansing and cooling - bringing inner peace.






3. FIRESalamander by Hazel Raven

Salamanders are fire spirits who guard the secrets of transformational energy. They are found in abundance around active volcanoes. Salamanders teach us about regeneration, our life force, this dynamic energy that dwells within each of us. Fire purifies, burns, releases and destroys the old so that new may emerge. Salamanders teach us about earth mysteries and the secrets of the underworld. Their creative use of fire demonstrates to us spiritual fortitude, which illuminates our path through life. Salamanders teach us how to transform old stagnant core energetic blocks and trauma as their 'fiery force' burns away auric blocks or negativity. Salamander ignites our imagination and fuels our creativity which reales issues of low self- esteem, low self-confidence and low self-worth. They are especially useful for those who have been crushed or diminished by bullying or other outside social influences.




4. AIRSylph by Hazel Raven

Sylphs are spirits of the air; they transport our higher thoughts and prayers to the Angels. Air is light, flexible, free and inspirational. Air relates to the intellect, mind and prana. Most life forms need air to live. Working with sylphs brings immediate balance by either creating greater reserves of energy to revitalise you or brings serenity if you have been under stress. Sylphs increase intuition, clairsentience and communication skills. They teach you the power of your thoughts - bringing lightness, flexibility, grace and freedom. They also teach you to rise above your lower emotions - by sometimes detaching from our emotions we can get a better perspective on a situation which will clarify our thoughts. Internal causes for lack of energy may include: inner conflict between desires and responsibilities, the aftermath of shattering experiences and loss of energy due to expectations of further painful experiences.





Deva (Sanskrit for "radiant being") hold the energy of the ethers. Devas are members of an order of angelic beings who serve with the elemental forces of nature. They are more evolved than the elementals and they work with humans, especially as guardians of sacred
sites, mountains and forests. Very often they can also be found dwelling in beautiful quartz crystals. If you are lucky enough to find a 'devic temple crystal' it will become a great mentor. It has the ability to teach you how to connect the higher spiritual vibration with
matter to manifest heaven right now here on earth. The devas who dwell in quartz crystals also have the
ability to teach you about healing, both personal and planetary. Meditating with these crystals
will give you access to higher knowledge, other dimensions and 'supernatural powers'





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