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MASTER ESSENCES - Created by Hazel Raven, Principal of the College of Bio-Dynamics


Hazel's Archangel Enlightenment essence range is now complete and the 'Master Range' of essences is being made manifest - these range from Judaeo - Christian, Egyptian and Hindu deities, Celtic gods, goddess of ancient Greece, Chinese deities, enlightened bodhisattvas, Great White Brotherhood, Brothers and Sisters of the Golden-Robe, Cosmic Beings, Ascended Masters and Atlantean masters. The 'Master Range' of essences is designed to awaken mankind to cosmic consciousness - this is the awareness of becoming enlightened and consciously dwelling in the spheres of God's cosmic self-awareness. Each essence has a specific function (keywords) and a 'Master' that overshadows the essence. The Master Range of essences are created using a synergy of crystals, colour rays, geometric shapes, flowers, sound, mantras and carefully chosen essential oils. They are used for meditation practice, light-body activation, aura cleansing, harmonising and balancing as well as for space clearing of negative emotional, psychic and mental



The White-Robed Kwan Yin is an Aspect of Avalokiteshvara. Kwan Yin is known as the Goddess of Mercy she brings the gift of compassion or Karuna. This essence will release you from delusion, sadness, suffering and pain. As the energy of compassion is activated, the Bodhichitta energy begins to flow, transforming the mind and bringing enlightenment. To fully activate this essence use the Kwan Yin Mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum".

To fully activate this essence use the Kwan Yin Mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum".








This sacred essence helps us to channel our lower survival energies (ignoble quest - for money, power, fame and material goods) towards the quest for our soulïs enlightenment (noble quest). Deepens meditation practice and aids spiritual development.

To fully activate this essence use the White Tara Mantra "Om Tare Tuttare TureMama Ayuh Punya Pushtim Kuru Svaha" -
(Increase my life, merits and wisdom).









Green Tara is especially associated with protection, fearlessness and immediate help. This protection extends far beyond spiritual dangers. Green Tara is also associated with pure wisdom which is unblemished by the mundane ego manipulations of the self. Taras mission is to bring an end to the suffering of all sentient beings.

To fully activate the essence use the Green Tara Mantra "Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha".






Saint Germain

This essence calls upon the presence of Saint Germain who is the Ascended Master and Chohan (Lord) of the Seventh Ray of Freedom. He directs the miracle violet-flame of spiritual transformation, karmic cleansing, initiation, alchemical soul rescue and emotional freedom. He rules over the science of the spoken-word, ritual, meditation andvisualisation.
Use for clearing away any areas of stagnation, negativity or darkness from your life. Return




Ascension Flame

Serapis Bey is the Chohan (Lord) of the Fourth Ray the white Alpha - Omega flame of ascension. The purity of this ray is used for spiritual evolution, ascension into cosmic consciousness and light body activation. This essence can be used to cleanse, seal and protect the auric shell. It is excellent also for cleansing crystals before and after use. It also is used for clearing spaces of built up negative emotional, psychic and mental energies.







Aphrodite, was the Greek Goddess of Love, Compassion and Beauty. In mythology she was known as the "Queen of Heaven" being born from the foam of an ocean wave. Her essence harmonises the male and female gender polarities of the personality. This essences eases deep seated fears and brings inner peace - by restoring balance and harmony. It is used for developing a radiant, joyful heart chakra by tapping into the 'Goddess within'.









Pallas Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom, truth, art, science and peace. She also served in Atlantis under the Goddess Vesta in the 'Temple of Truth.' She is often portrayed wearing armour and is associated with the triumph of will and reason over brute force and ignorance. Use for the mystical awakening and full integration of the higher heart chakra - this activates the mental clarity of Divine wisdom and truth. Allowing for a greater understanding of the 'Path of Service' and the obstacles one encounters as 'life lessons'.





Queen of the Angels

This essence is used for connecting with and the intercession of the Divine Mother. The Queen of the angels 'Mother Mary' works very closely with Archangel Raphael the physician of the angelic realm. This essence can bring healing and comfort. It is soothing and nurturing. Protective in hostile conditions. Eases heartbreak, stress and tension. Upliftment through prayer and quite contemplation.

Excerpt - page 182 of - Angelic Therapy - The Complete Practitioner's Guide: Hazel Raven, 0-9538890-2-5, 17.99

Mary Magdalene


Christ Consciousness






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